Sandra White is now running for Antioch City Council District 4 to bring a Change That We Need in the community to restore the City of Antioch to the premier designation to live in East Contra Costa. As a leader, Sandra will help build a vital business community that will attract more businesses with good-paying jobs by implementing a robust business strategy to lure corporations to Antioch and generate responsible tax revenue dollars for the city. Sandra will implement a practical approach to combat homelessness smartly and not waste taxpayers’ money.

She will work hard to ensure that our hard-working city employees are adequately paid market value wages. Collaborate with appropriate stakeholders to help reduce crime by bringing our police personnel to the headcount level required for a city with 114 thousand residents and insert an aggressive corrective action process that will hold all city employees who are not meeting sufficient performance levels accountable and improve community living by offering our citizens options for family engagement and individual fun activities.